Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunset Treasure Island...

What's better than partying in the lovely city of San Francisco???
Partying on a small island just off the coast of the lovely city of San Francisco, that's what!
What a superb day! Awesome crowd, great music, sunny weather, and the most amazing location I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Nice work guys! Can't wait for the repeat next year...
Here's a link to a great story about the event....and check the video to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

My Old Friend the Homecoming Queen...

This is Debi and her adorable daughter Stella. Debi and I were very close in High School (she really was the Homecoming Queen) and unfortunately we lost touch around 9 years ago. She lives in Santa Rosa and she found me on the Facebook machine and I'm sure glad that she did!
I left my Mom's in Kelseyville on Saturday, the day after Caitlyn's graduation and the weather was fine for riding. The roads between Lake County and Sonoma County are great for motorcycling and I heartily enjoyed the trip to Santa Rosa to visit my friend. California is beautiful in the spring/early summer when it's warm and sunny but before it gets too dry and the hills turn brown. It was warm and green with lovely smells of wildflowers and soil. The countryside is best traveled on a bike where you can feel the air and smell the smells, when temperature changes are sudden and the sun is on your back. The curvy roads in Northern California are some of the best riding in the world, with hills and valleys, plains and forests, and vineyards for days.
Anyway, after a few hours of delightful scenery I arrived at the home of Deb and her husband Harry near downtown Santa Rosa. They have a cute place with a big back yard though they tell me the neighborhood can be a little rough around the edges so to speak. Harry is a Grave Digger, Tattoo Artist, Landscaping Expert, and awesome father. Debi is a stay at home Mom and seems happy doing that. I will most likely get my first tattoo from Harry but that is a topic for another blog post.
Stella, who is the cutest little girl ever, was a real treat to make the acquaintance of, although she seemed to be a little unsure about me at first. Apparently she has serious food allergies and they live a dairy free existence with nothing in the house that might upset her. I was very touched when Debi broke out the "Special Cheese" and spinach dip just for my visit because they generally never have anything like that. We talked and caught up, snacked and drank beer and the time flew by and then it was time to go. I had to get back to the city to go to a Giants game with my friend Jay to watch my boys kick the crap out of the A's, which they did. What an amazing day!
Thanks Deb and Harry! I can't wait to visit again!

My Sister's Graduation

I went to Lake County for a quick visit and to show love to my sister Caitlyn and congratulate her on her High School graduation. Caitie is all grown up now, she really looks like a woman and is officially an adult at 18 years old. We are all very proud of her and her whole west coast family showed up to cheer her on as she made the walk across the stage with all the other graduates of Kelseyville High.
The graduation was held fairly late, at 8pm as there was a fireworks show after the event, which was very cool. My graduation was held at 6pm and the audience was forced to stare straight west into the setting sun from the bleachers at Willits High. I liked the way they did it at Kelseyville much better! All the pictures from my grad were horribly washed out and we never got any fireworks!
Before the late ceremony we all went to dinner at the Saw Shop in downtown Kelseyville and it was very nice. There was Caitlyn and I, my Mother, my Aunt and Uncle Bill and Jenna, Cousin Dove and his wife Jackie, and my Brother Chuck. The food was good and so was the company. Caitlyn got a brand new laptop computer which she liked very much, and later after the grad her father's family gave her a cute little car that they had fixed up for her. Lucky girl! I didn't get any computer or car upon graduation and I'm soooooo jealous!
Good job Caitie! Now get a job. ;)

The Laziest Blogger in the World.....

Yes, that's me. I have been very lazy when it comes to my blog lately. I feel bad because I have offered this blog as a way for folks to keep up with me and what's happening in my life and I haven't really posted any content for over a month. There are a few reasons for this but no real excuses. I do have a lot of back filling to update all of the great things I have been up to lately. I also want to get into the nuts and bolts of my routine, so anyone can get a feel for my daily life and not just the interesting items I have to share. I personally think my life is pretty interesting, not riveting by any stretch, but cool enough. I feel a second wind coming on......

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Since I have been extremely lazy after the initial rush of blogging, and haven't posted anything in 2 weeks I think I should give a quick description of what I've been up to.

Stompy/Sunset Memorial Day @ Cafe Cocomo W/ Jimpster
• Rode up to Point Arena on the Coast in Mendocino County to visit friends. Pics to come...
Taco Tuesday @ Triple Crown W/ Cole & Galen

That's all for now, I'll try to be more thorough moving forward...