Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Sister's Graduation

I went to Lake County for a quick visit and to show love to my sister Caitlyn and congratulate her on her High School graduation. Caitie is all grown up now, she really looks like a woman and is officially an adult at 18 years old. We are all very proud of her and her whole west coast family showed up to cheer her on as she made the walk across the stage with all the other graduates of Kelseyville High.
The graduation was held fairly late, at 8pm as there was a fireworks show after the event, which was very cool. My graduation was held at 6pm and the audience was forced to stare straight west into the setting sun from the bleachers at Willits High. I liked the way they did it at Kelseyville much better! All the pictures from my grad were horribly washed out and we never got any fireworks!
Before the late ceremony we all went to dinner at the Saw Shop in downtown Kelseyville and it was very nice. There was Caitlyn and I, my Mother, my Aunt and Uncle Bill and Jenna, Cousin Dove and his wife Jackie, and my Brother Chuck. The food was good and so was the company. Caitlyn got a brand new laptop computer which she liked very much, and later after the grad her father's family gave her a cute little car that they had fixed up for her. Lucky girl! I didn't get any computer or car upon graduation and I'm soooooo jealous!
Good job Caitie! Now get a job. ;)

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