Saturday, July 18, 2009

So much for a second wind...

Thought I was going to do a better job of keeping this updated but oh well...three weeks later
The video below is someone else's capturing of the second encore, "Burning Down The House" from that night at the David Byrne show. I love the Greek theater in Berkeley. It's the best place to see a show that I have ever been. It's just up the hill from the UC campus next to the stadium where the Cal Bears football team plays. When the weather is nice, it's the most perfect venue to see a good band.
"Devotchka" opened for David Byrne and they were a very talented act, with and haunting gypsy sound and a sultry female tuba player holding down the basslines. This four person band manages to play the accordion, violin, guitar, Oud, Souzaphone(big tuba), Stand up bass, trumpet, and percussion instruments in various arrangements to great effect. I recommend you to check them out.

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