Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorite Sites...

I wanted to post something but my creativity seems to have taken the day off so I'll just post a bunch of sites that I enjoy trolling... =P

I'm a moderator on this forum, but it's probably not terribly interesting for someone who doesn't play this particular game:
Axis & Allies ForuMini

Gizmodo - In fact I read most of the Gawker Media Sites, they have great content.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog - For all things Apple.
The Apple Core - Shout out to my boy Jason O'Grady.
Engadget - Dry but thorough tech stuff.
Wired - Online magazine.

Huffington Post - I am getting less and less fond of this site. It's become the liberal Drudge Report.
Crooks And Liars - A one stop shop for your unapologetic progressive outrage.
Slate - Decent writing, more balanced that HuffPo but definitely slants left.
Salon - Same description as Slate.

BoingBoing - Love it!
SlashDot - News for nerds.
Pitchfork - Only good music.

That's the cream of the crop. I suppose I can add anything I may have overlooked later...

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