Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dirty Bird Golden Gate Park Party

Today Dirty Bird had their first free outdoor party of the year at the pond meadow in Golden Gate Park. It was hot. Real hot for April. My white ass had to stay in the shade for the duration. I have to say that I enjoyed the opening set by Christian Martin the best. He started out with some Dub-Step and Broken Beats and it was melodic and pleasant with great reggae undertones. Just the thing to start it off on a sunny Sunday. Claude Von Stroke and Justin Martin also played well but the sun on the dance floor was way too strong for me to dance very much. None of my tight peeps showed up so it was kind of a solo mission but I found some heads to kick it with and had fun anyway.
Now I'm at my friend Mike's by the beach. We jammed out with his bass and drum set (update: big blisters on my fingers ouch!) and he scoped my mini 9 and decided to buy one. I think I might buy another. Probably an all black Vostro A90 because it's on sale...I know, I know. =]

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